Fair. Secure. Inclusive.

REMOTEi is committed to developing a fair, secure, and inclusive remote testing experience. Our platform, features, and tools are designed to create a new standard for content security, data protection, user experience, and accessibility.

As the world shifts to remote, online learning and assessment, REMOTEi is dedicated to bringing a spirit of innovation and imagination to ensure that all testing organizations and test takers—regardless of need—are confident in the safety, security, accessibility, and accuracy of their assessment experiences.

About Us

Experience Meets Innovation.

REMOTEi was developed and founded by uExamS, the global leader in testing and training support solutions. With the rapid shift to remote learning and assessment, uExamS saw gaps in the remote testing market for exam security, accessibility, experienced staffing, and mirroring the offline testing experience accurately in the virtual world.

Now as a standalone organization, REMOTEi focuses on developing innovative features and tools to ensure the most professional, secure, accurate, and accessible remote testing experience available.

A Deep Bench Dedicated to the Success of Your Testing Program.

Setting new standards in accessibility, content security, and user experience

At REMOTEi, we built our future-forward platform from the ground up to meet the needs and challenges of today’s remote testing market—from both the perspectives of testing organizations and test takers. Learn more about REMOTEi’s approach to accessibility and the test taker experience.


REMOTEi Accessibility at a glance

  • Certified WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant
  • Compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • JAWS Compatible
  • VoiceOver Compatible
  • NVDA Compatible
  • ChromeVox Compatible

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