Finally, a flexible and inclusive remote testing solution

uExamS is renowned throughout the world for accommodated testing services. We built that expertise into REMOTEi right from the start. Our innovative features give you the capability to provide live, accommodated personnel support in a seamless testing experience without sacrificing exam security.

Expert Remote Support for Accommodations

REMOTEi is designed to easily handle multiple service providers, ensuring a secure, accessible, and worry-free exam experience for test takers who need accommodations.

Intuitive Communication Features

Accommodated test takers have access to real-time video and chat features with their proctor and accommodators to get assistance and support when needed.

Seamless Handoffs for Scribes

Test takers who need scribe assistance can easily pass control to their assigned scribe with one click or automatically if needed.

Proctor Support is a Click Away

If for any reason an accommodated test taker needs proctor support, they can easily communicate via chat or video while their accommodated support staff waits.

REMOTEi was designed
with accommodated test takers in mind

At uExamS, accessibility and accommodations support is the heart of our business.

We’ve designed REMOTEi from the ground up to ensure that accommodated test takers are not left behind in the shift to remote education, testing, and training.

For standard or accommodated exam administrations, REMOTEi is the only true “full service” remote proctoring platform available. Reach out and let’s discuss your organization’s needs.

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